49 Gifts Under Five Dollars for Children

49 Gifts Under Five Dollars for Children

Do you need a quick and easy gift idea for a child? Something cheap but nice, something the kids will like? I have lots of gift ideas in this article for you!

49 Gifts Under Five Dollars for Children

I love looking at children open presents.  It gives you a nice feeling watching the glow in their eyes! They are delighted at even the smallest things.  It is very easy to please a child.  Children all over the world love receiving wrapped presents.  They enjoy the thrill of surprises!  Simple gifts make children really happy.  Here are some suggestions of gifts that you can buy under 5 dollars. 

  1. Activity Books: crossword puzzles, dot-to-dot books, word search books
  2. Coloring Books: at a dollar each, you can buy a few of the best coloring books and bundle them up.
  3. Art Materials:  crayons, pencil crayons, paper, paint or paintbrush
  4. Scrapbook or scrapbook materials
  5. Stationary
  6. Inexpensive / fancy jewelries
  7. Computer gadgets such as mouse and mouse pad or microphone
  8. Water bottle
  9. Matchbox or Hot Wheels for the little boys
  10. Plush toys or stuffed animals
  11. Board games
  12. Dolls
  13. Bag / purse
  14. Keychains
  15. Zipper pulls – I have bought zipper pulls with names for $3.99 at souvenir stores.
  16. Candies and chocolates
  17. Books
  18. Flashcards
  19. Stickers
  20. Modelling Clay or Playdoh
  21. DVD – You can find DVDs now under $5.00.
  22. Lip Gloss
  23. Wallet
  24. Sports-themed hats or mugs
  25. Cookies
  26. Bubble Gum or chewing gum
  27. Pot and Seeds – for the little kids who show interest in gardening
  28. Gloves or mittens
  29. Scarf
  30. Pretzels
  31. Comics
  32. Magazine
  33. Beads or jewelry kits for the girls
  34. Puppets for the young toddlers
  35. Dominoes
  36. Playing cards
  37. Sudoku book for the older children
  38. Pens, pencils and/or erasers
  39. Soccer ball
  40. Cookie cutters
  42. Piggy Bank
  43. Book Light
  44. Cartoon character rubber stamps
  45. Gold Fish
  46. Plastic pots and pans for the little girls
  47. Plastic tools for the little boys
  48. Pencil sharpener – the cute ones found in bookstores cost $3.99.
  49. Watercolor set

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